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Alpha Waves into your Classroom

Posted on: September 7, 2009

my students working on an activity

my students working on an activity

Brain waves, alpha music and productive calmness

I discovered this type of music, alpha music, from my sister. My sister researched it and told me that it would work in my classroom. Then she explained to me that this music contains alpha waves which is the best type of waves. Students enjoy using this music as a study aid, insisting that “Silence of Peace” quiets the mind and makes it easier to focus, absorb and retain information. So i took the CD and put it in my classroom while my students were working on an activity. I noticed a big change in the atmosphere. It was much calmer and the kids were able to focus more.

Alpha music:

•Reduces stress and anxiety
•Settles down hyperactive behaviour
•Feelings of panic or being overwhelmed subside
•Background for meditation, physical therapies or gentle exercise

“Silence of Peace” by John levine is the first in the “Silence” series of CDs, all of which demonstrate this philosophy. Children are often especially responsive to “Silence of Peace”. Children as young as 3 often go into a quiet, even entranced state when they listen to it and children of all ages find this music relaxes them and gives them easy access to their imagination.

“My wish is for everyone to be more calm and healthy, with the help of the wonderful and natural remedy of alpha waves. It is my special wish that my music helps you too!” …..J.B. Levine

Over 250,000 people world-wide use John Levine’s alphamusic to help cope with the symptoms of anxiety.

If you wish to listen to free samples of this music or even order it please visit this website:


2 Responses to "Alpha Waves into your Classroom"

very nice foufy,,I’ll get the CD and try it in my class this year. Hoope it will calm garde1 students @ BBS

Thank you Nadine, i used to put the CD in my class at BBS i don’t know if you remember and it really used to work.
Remember when u used to come to my classroom and find everyone calm and working? well that’s why! Tell Mr. Andrew and Ms. Cathy about it i’m sure they’ll order it for everyone, Good Luck 🙂

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