Miss Farah

Few Classroom Tips

Posted on: September 26, 2009

Schedule should be facing students
This is our daily schedule, it is posted on the white board. The cards have magnets so i can move the subjects around. It is important for students to know what they will be expecting later.
Story I will read on their first in school
This is the story I will read on their first day in school, I chose this story because it will show them how much they have grown and they are out of their baby habits. Show them that they are grown ups now.


Helpful Classroom signs

These classroom signs can be found in bookshops like teacher’s cellar or scholastic. Use them for classroom managment. Don’t forget to explain each sign.  You can do that while explaining the classroom rules. Practice acting out the signs together before using them on a daily basis.

2 Responses to "Few Classroom Tips"

I really like what you’re doing Farah keep it up i’ll be visiting your blog daily for sure

The classroom signs are cool!!
I never used to hang my schedule in class never realized it was important. Students especially the young ones have to know what to expect later

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