Miss Farah

The Sad Student

Posted on: October 10, 2009


I had a parent requesting to move her child from my class to another section because she wants her daughter to be with her cousin. I thought that the daughter wanted that as well but then an hour later the girl who was moved away came running to me crying saying she wants to come back to my classroom. And during dismissal i saw the child standing near my classroom door crying and gave me a big hug. I really felt bad and didn’t want this to happen and now the child is stressed. 

Should I tell the mother? or should I just ignore the situation the child will eventually get used to the other class? I would like it if everyone reading this post to comment it will be a great help.

Thank you 🙂 

Miss Farah



9 Responses to "The Sad Student"

hmmm…. I think you should tell the mother definitely! She should discover that she just caused stress to her child since she was happy before. Oh and cousins shouldn’t be in the same class as well

Poor kid!…..It’s so sad that she was standing near your door and crying!! 😦

Tell the Mom and the Principal!!! The principal shouldn’t have accepted the switch in the first place….

Aww poor girl…I think that you should speak with the mother and discuss with her what happened and how the child is feeling.

As a parent myself I would definitely want to know if my child is unhappy as it would affect his/her entire learning experience. But in my opinion it better come from the principal as many parents are very sensitive and might understand it as criticism to their request instead of your actual concern for their child. Keep in mind the society we are living in her ego might allow her to react in a hurtful way.

I think u should talk to the mother, bt dont impose it on her. Make her understand that this transfer may affect the girls academic achievement especially if the girls continues to be sad and stressed…..

The principal, parent, cousin and child should be involved in a discussion. There may be issues with the childs’ social skills – hence the parent wanting her child to be moved to another classroom, but this, as it has proved, has not fixed things. Try probing deeper into why the parent wanted the child moved (just about the cousin?) and about the child – deeper into why she thinks she should or should not have been moved, her ability to make and keep friends and her feelings of safety toward you and your class.

It’s not always good for relatives to be together, they sometimes don’t develop as much as they should as they rely on the other person. Also, personally I think all involved in this “move” should be involved in the discussion. The child takes priority in any case – that’s how I reason – and she should be happy…that is what matters – not other parents wanting a relative to be with her cousin…children are happy learners if they are happy in school and happy where they learn best and obviously, she wants to be in your class as this is where she seems to be happy.

As a teacher your first job is to be an advocate for your student I think you have to tell the parent.

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