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Lucy's Picture: A priceless story

Posted on: October 12, 2009


This story is called Lucy’s Picture by Nicole Moon. This is my all time favorite story for kids and i advice adults to read it as well. My students from last year really loved it. It touched me and my students really deeply.


Her teacher, Mrs. Kelley, tells her it’s time to paint. However, the colored paints that the other children are using will not do for Lucy. Instead she tells Mrs. Kelley she wants to make a collage. Mrs. Kelley then seats Lucy at a table by herself and she has so much fun going through the box of scraps Mrs. Kelley presented on the table for Lucy when she told her teacher she needed to paste items on her picture.

In fact, it was even better when Lucy closed her eyes to feel the different textures. You see, Lucy’s grandfather is blind. Lucy’s making a collage out of fabric, paper, twigs, leaves, feathers, sand and even a piece of her own hair.

During recess she collected the twigs, sand, leaves, feathers in a cup and made trees and a path of glue with sand spread over it. She wrinkled fabric for flowers from a piece of paper and made a dog and used a piece of her hair for the fur representing her Grandpa’s dog. She used the feathers for bird wings

When school ended there was Lucy’s Mom and Grandpa with his seeing eye dog,Honey waiting outside for her. Lucy gives Grandpa her picture.  Lucy explains some of the subjects in her picture “these are hills and here’s the road” she says as she is guiding Grandpa’s hand. Grandpa is delighted with the picture. Grandpa touched the picture carefully”a tree, a bird and what’s this?” It feels like your hair Lucy.” “That’s Honey” says Lucy smiling. “How clever! and what a wonderful surprise!” “It’s the best picture I’ve ever seen” said Grandpa.

Lucy’s Picture” is a teaching tool for children to help them understand about blindness. The story highlights how the sense of feel is emphasized in a blind person.  “It’s the best picture I’ve ever seen” said Grandpa.

I recommend this book for children starting at age 3 1/2 and up and I highly recommend it for adults also.


3 Responses to "Lucy's Picture: A priceless story"

This is a beautiful story i absolutely love it! It’s very meaningful and you’re right even adults can read it….

wow a very nice one! I’m gonna buy it from Amazon.com i hope they have it

My 5.5 year old is blind and I’m thinking even though her cousins are 7 and almost 10, I think they may need this book for Christmas. Love it!

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