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Working Mothers: between work and home

Posted on: October 19, 2009




If you are a working mother with a full time job with absolutely no time left on your hands, If you are a working a mother  and you come home everyday from work exhausted and feel guilty of not spending enough time with your child, then i dedicate this post to you!


First of all God bless you for all your efforts! Mothers don’t choose to be away from their children and certainly do not prefer working over spending time with their children, but this is life and life is getting tougher nowadays especially financially where the mother has to help the husband.

In the present world, mothers continue to work because they have careers that they have spent years developing. Some women return to work soon after giving birth because they know that most employers in this country are not sympathetic to working mothers who wish to take time off to be with their young children. If these women stop working, even for several months, they may give up some of the advantages they have earned or risk losing certain career opportunities.

The first tip I can give you is:

Spending Quality time with your child is what matters. So what I am saying spending all day with your child isn’t necessary, so don’t feel guilty quality time is more important it could be one or 2 hours a day. When you come back from work sit with your children and ask how their day at school was. It is very important to communicate with each other and have your children looking forward to telling you what is going on with their daily activities. Even if you came home from work and you child is about to sleep it’s OK! Read a bedtime story story and tuck them to bed.

That aside, since when does going to work mean that we can’t give our kids a healthy meal at night, spend quality time with them and give them a healthy lifestyle? Working mums are trying to set a good example to their children by working, and keep a roof over children’s heads. That doesn’t make us less responsible parents!



 At school, you can take care of the following things;

  • Find an old student with whom your child can make friends with and who can show him around the school. As it is, finding a familiar face on the first day makes the child feel more comfortable
  • Let your child’s teacher know his likes, dislikes and eating and other habits.
  • Since workng mothers can’t leave work send a note with your child or call from the office to ask whatever you want to ask about.
  • Let the teacher know that you are a working mother I am sure she will understand
  • Have you and your husband share and turns in picking up and dropping child to school, go to parents conferences, etc…


    At home, keeping a nanny is the most suitable option that most mothers choose.

    •  You can set clear guidelines with the nanny for handling your child and make them exactly the way you want your child to be reared.
    • You can also decide your kid’s computer, television and play time.
    • Make your child more independent by making him learn basic things like cleaning up their rooms getting ready on themselves and not needing anybody while going to the bathroom etc.


    Buy in bulk: Stock up on non-perishable food staples, frozen foods and household supplies to reduce trips to the shops. Better still, try internet shopping, and use that time normally spent shopping to play dolls or cricket with your child.

    • Cook in bulk: Consider cooking an extra portion when preparing a family meal, which can then be frozen for a later date.

    • Make up for extra work: When the workload is heavy, come home early and work after the children have gone to bed. If a late meeting prevents you from putting your children to bed, try waking up a bit earlier the following morning to spend some quality time with your children. Making weekends special family time also helps.

    • Treat children as you would your clients: schedule time with them as you would a business appointment, and treat this appointment as you would a business appointment. Enjoy each other’s company, and you may find yourself ending this appointment more relaxed and happier than when you started it.

    • Remember your partner: When rationing out your time, remember that your partner also deserves a dedicated time. A regular ‘date’ night without children will help maintain sanity and a healthy marriage.

    Equally – if not more – important is that working mothers must not skimp on their own needs, as Baxter explains: “Too often, a busy mother will cut down on sleep or enjoying some leisure time in favour of work or the children.


    Handling both work and children together can be really difficult and stressful thing but you can make it a little easier if you take care of such things at the right time and make everything function smoothly on its own!


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