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Teamwork between Colleagues and Ant Artcraft

Posted on: October 21, 2009

The past two weeks a special person came to my classroom it was the first time I meet her. She was asked to assist me in the classroom for private reasons. I got to know her as a very sweet and kind person. I felt like i’ve known her for a long time. We were a team and that’s how colleagues should be. People who come to you with a frown on their face thinking they are on top of the world are the people who you don’t want to be around.  We got to know each other more and more. We shared happy and sad moments, we shared our experiences and thoughts. Even if it was only for 2 weeks but time doesn’t matter, it’s these kind of people that you would want to keep in your life. People who are loving, loyal and respectful. Which is why i dedicate this post to you Ms. Maryam Akhavan Sharif . I want to thank you for all your help and Grade 1 B always mention you and ask me about you when you’re not around 🙂

Ms. Maryam decorated our bulletin board and all students and teachers eyes were on it and was the talk of the school. I would like to share it with everyone. Our reading lesson was about Ants and this is what she came up with have a look 🙂

bulletin board


Ant art craft up close and personal

Ant art craft up close and personal


1 Response to "Teamwork between Colleagues and Ant Artcraft"

Join 3 black circles with a stapler then put three holes in each side and insert a black pipecleaner for the legs. Use white out for the eyes

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