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Working Mothers..You are not Alone

Posted on: December 22, 2009



 This interview was made with a parent from my class:


  1. Were you working before you got married?

No I wasn’t, I got married immediately after I graduated from college, then I started working 4 months after marriage.

      2. Do you think it is important for mothers to stay working or they are supposed to be housewives?

Well , well, well , I think every mother is a working mom, but, for working mothers , it is so challenging and stressful when it comes to balancing between  career and family. Although work offers us enjoyment and fulfillment we experience from work itself as well as satisfaction of accomplishing a specific ambition and financial support for the family, we have to always put in mind that our kids are the most important thing in life and always have to be the priority. BUT it is always the QUALITY OF TIME and NOT the QUANTITY  ( how much time) we spend with our kids that matters, as well as how well we organize our time and daily schedule. I like my job very much, but sometimes I wonder if I would have given more time and care for my kids in case I was a house wife. For example, sometimes I wish I could pick up my kids from school more often, and feel fresh and relaxed as they reach home so I can spend the rest of the day with them, at a time when I come back home after a very busy working day feeling exhausted, stressed and in a need of a (one-hour) nap badly.

  I know some very successful mothers  ( one of them  is a doctor) who wish they could spend more time with their kids , and wish they were housewives instead. On the other hand, some of the housewives I know don’t give their kids the time they deserve or provide them with many essential skills many working mothers do.

 We have to provide our children with many things and make their lives rich of basic life skills, essential values, nutritious healthy diets, general knowledge, the love of sports, reading and many other things, to raise emotionally healthy, happy, and successful children .

    Also, I don’t recommend that mothers work until late evening e.g. 4 or 5 pm every day, and rely totally on maids and nannies ( who sometimes may not be eligible ) in raising their children. Those mothers miss very important moments in their babies’ life: the first words, the first steps, etc., and most of all they would reduce the emotional bond between their kids and themselves by working until very late .

  In conclusion, I believe that mothers have to make the best benefit of the time they spend with their kids , plan  it very well, and manage to balance between their homes and their jobs either they are working or at-home moms.

3. Since you are working how do you manage between work and home? Is it stressful?

I try my best to manage between my work and home. Yes, it is stressful most of the time. I have 3 kids, and I work from 8:00 to 2:15 , when I’m back from work ,I have to give each kid the time he or she deserves ( listening to each one patiently about what his or her day was like – for the elder two , checking their homework, news letters, upcoming school events etc. ), and the most stress comes from my 2 year-old daughter who needs continuous  watching , directing and control !.

4. How long do you spend time with your kids?

I spend nearly 5 to 7 hours with my kids daily ( during week days).. Oh my God .. I just realized it’s a very short time!!!!, and the whole day in weekends.

5. Do you help them with homework?

Well, I help them mainly in checking what homework they have, then checking it later for mistakes. However, I’m trying to make them depend on themselves, so they develop self –reliance and confidence, and at the same time I can spend more time with my 2 year-old daughter.

6. How are you dealing with swine flu issue?

Swine Flue has become a normal issue now. The most important thing was to teach my kids how to deal with the virus   by washing their hands with soap regularly and covering their mouths and noses when coughing or sneezing, using sanitizers every now and then., and the most important thing was to tell me immediately  the moment  they feel any of the common cold symptoms.

7. Did you consider not sending you children to school because you got worried about swine flu?

No actually , I didn’t worry about this issue, and I sent my kids to school since day 1.

8. Are you comfortable with your children’s teachers?

Yes Thank God !! I’m very comfortable with my children’s teachers this year, and I hope my kids will complete their school year successfully.


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