Miss Farah

Chore Chart for Parents to Use With their Kids

Posted on: January 17, 2010



Chore Chart Game:

  •  chop the bottom (coupon) right off the chart and turn the top half into a game.
  • Make each star represent a big chore (maybe your child has to help with the laundry once a week)
  • You’ll need sets of two different colored stickers (say GREEN and RED)
  • Each week they do the chore, let them put a green sticker on the starfish. 
  • If they miss a week, you get to cover the green sticker with a red one (they “back up” on the game board and they have to re-stick a green one on the red one when they’ve done the chore again.)
  • If you have two siblings who enjoy competing you can make this a “race” to see which reaches the island first.


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