Miss Farah

A Chocoholic Teacher!

Posted on: February 2, 2010


What my best friend ordered


What I ordered 😀


I arrived to Lebanon a few days ago, and today I met up with my bestfriend and told her we have to go to chocolate lounge. There’s a secret you don’t know about me, as you all know I’m a teacher but I’ve always wanted to open my own chocolate cafe in beirut. I’m a chocolate  freak my students know that and once I got a Chocolate fountain as a gift from one of my students.:)

 I wasn’t able to fulfill this dream because I travelled to Kuwait and I had a great job opportunity there. I started working on the project researching, designing and all that but everything just stopped right there and continued to what I excel in most ….”Teaching”.

While I was in Kuwait I learned that Chocolate Lounge opened and I was so upset but then again everything happens for a reason right? So I went to visit …. not bad… I ordered chocolate fondant and my friend ordered white chocolate with something forgot its name…..it was pretty good 🙂



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