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Asia’s Story: A Student with Honors

Posted on: February 8, 2010


A few days ago I went back to my old school that I used to teach in 2 years ago. I was so excited to see my students and fellow teachers again. When my students knew I was there they all came running to me and hugging me It’s amazing how much they’ve grown. I was their first grade teacher and some now are in grade 5!!! Oh my I’m getting old .. (not i’m only 26) 😛


Anyway that’s not the point, the point is 2 years ago when I was at that school I used to teach a young girl named Asia. Asia was a Bedouin who did’n’t know how to read or write. She didn’t know one word of English but she was 10. A 10 year old in grade one is pretty strange. So what was she doing at that school? A woman from the school’s adminstration adopted Asia and wanted to send her to school to be just like all the kids at her age.


When she was in my class, she had really bad manners, statements I couldn’t understand, and was aggressive in a way. I understood her situation and tried to help her. I showed her how one should behave.  She never gave up she studied so hard that she became one of my top students in English. And 2 days ago when I went back to my school I asked her what grade she was in now and she said I’m in grade 4. Imagine she skipped a  class  and she is now on the honor list.


I was so happy to see her again she is now a polite student and she always tells me that she will never forget me because I helped her become a better person. See that’s why I love my job.

Teachers are role models to the young generation.

God bless you Asia!



1 Response to "Asia’s Story: A Student with Honors"

way to go Asia!!!!….

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