Miss Farah

Fortune Tellers: Are they Deceptive?

Posted on: February 12, 2010

I wanted to post this yesterday but didn’t have time because it was my last day in Beirut and I was busy packing and spending time with my family.

Anyway what happened was this…

I went to the car wash and while I was waiting for my car to finish a fortune teller just popped out of nowhere and came sat with me and started reading my palm. I didn’t understand much she was speaking in a very weird gipsy accent. I made her repeat every sentence like 5 times 😛

She told me about everything, my career, financial status, love, and family… and then left.

So I was thinking are fortune tellers deceptive? Do you believe in them? Is palm reading correct? I googled a bit about it and saw this picture have a look at it:

 If you can’t read it CLICK HERE  and zoom in.


Just a funny picture:P Which is probably true!!


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