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Topic of the Month: My Talkative Child

Posted on: February 14, 2010


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This is Omar. Omar is a kindergartner who is talkative and rarely quiet.  He wants to talk while dressing, eating,  and brushing his teeth!

He is also talkative at school. The teachers think it’s cute because he is a smart student but not that cute when he starts interrupting.

Omar is very intelligent and is very passionate about what he loves, but is very extreme!! For example  now he is into animals, he’s been into animals for 2 years now. When he likes something it’s all he talks about! Everything has to be about animals, his birthday theme, stories, clothes, movies etc…  and the same goes with hating something!!  When he was 1.5 years old he was very passionate about cars and was aware of all the car brands even a Micra! He asks too many questions and  is curious about everything especially if it’s about a subject that he likes.

His Mom tells me, ” I have to explain to him about everything, For example I told him to wash his hands with soap because he was eating french fries and he wanted to wash them only with water. I had to do an experiment for him, so i got water and oil and showed him that water and oil don’t mix! After he understand that the oil won’t wash away only with water he was finally convinced!


My analysis:

From this description, I envision a confident and relaxed child who is enthusiastic about his experiences. Omar enjoys  conversing. He is  interested in language and asking a lot of questions. Clearly Omar was taught the power of communication, and was taught to be clearly heard.

The issue that Omar needs to know is the concept of waiting and appropriate timing without shaming him  or making him anxious.

Dinner is a natural time to attempt this, and you can each take turns going first. It might be awkward in the beginning, but he’ll get better at it. Give Omar other opportunities to talk such as reading out loud. I imagine there will be a time when you look back on this period fondly — perhaps when he  is an adolescent.


So parents,,, does this sound familiar? Share with us your stories I would love to read them.



4 Responses to "Topic of the Month: My Talkative Child"

YES! I am a teacher/parent and I agree that many teacher’s are too focused on talking. It seems like teacher’s want it to be quiet ALL of the time. I try to focus on: are the children learning. I try to ‘see little and hear little’ during activity time.
Inquire about opportunities for hands on activities and group discussions within the classroom. Ask if there is a ‘job’ your child can assist with. Possibly your child just needs a little extra attention during class. Ask the teacher for suggestions and solutions.

My 7.5 year-old-son is in 2nd grade and has had issues with being too talkative at school. He can sit still and watch movies and I would not classify him as hyper… he acts like a typical little boy. Also I don’t want him to have low self esteem because he is always in trouble for TALKING! Part of me really feels that some teachers are too focused on medicating kids rather than letting them be kids.

Tell them we have two ears and one mouth because we are meant to listen more than talk

Well this is actually my son she is talking about,I adore it when he talks though it might be annoying when he interrupts others. I think Ms. Farah is right when she said he should be kept busy instead of waiting for his classmates to finish their work. This is something his teacher is now trying with him, hoping it works out to keep his energy focused in the right direction.

At home the only thing that would keep him busy is giving him information about his favorite topics so he would think about them.

The only thing that made him go to bed last night was digging up information on “Rhinoceros” so he could tell his teacher about his new discovery:)

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