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Does a Bamboo Plant Really Give Positive Energy?

Posted on: February 17, 2010

Our Classroom Bamboo Plant


In the beginning of the school year, while I was getting my classroom ready I put a Bamboo Plant because I’m a strong believer of positive energy. However,

 – Does a Bamboo Plant really give positive energy or is it just an illusion?


– Do you have a Bamboo Plant at home?


– Did you buy it because of  good luck?

Well according to Winnipeg Flowers:

Lucky bamboo is one of the plants recommended by Feng Shui masters to improve Feng Shui and create a space where you feel safe and more energized. Feng Shui is the ancient practice of bringing the natural elements of water, fire, earth, wood and metal into balance in our surroundings. This is believed to produce greater harmony and a more positive life experience.

Because lucky bamboo is able to thrive in many areas of the home or workplace where other plants would not, it is valued as a means to enhance the positive flow of energy or “chi” in these areas.

The bamboo stalk is valued as a perfect symbol of the wood element. A red ribbon tied around the stalks symbolized the element of fire. The addition of a little fire assists enhancing or “igniting” the positive result that is desired.

What do the various numbers of stalks mean?
3 stalks = attracts happiness
5 stalks = attracts wealth
7 stalks = result in good health
21 stalks = offer a very powerful all-purpose blessing

Our classroom Bamboo has 21 stalks 🙂


7 Responses to "Does a Bamboo Plant Really Give Positive Energy?"

Today am gonna buy some more for my house I had 10 killed 7 (I forgot them in the sun) am left with only 3 need to get more today…a good topic would be care tips and an in depth feng shui article:)
Good info …keep it up..

Hey,,, well as you read Bamboos don’t need a lot of sun, I’m a big fan of feng shui and I put a few posts regarding feng shui previously . If you need care tips go to this link:


take care 🙂

Cool idea I’m gonna buy some bamboo plants for my class today I’ll make sure I get 21 stalks i want all the blessings 😀

thanx for the tip!

In addition, bamboo floorboards have a very tight grain and are uniform in color, which makes them very easy to match. Five Element Theory

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