Miss Farah

Kids will Never Think of Salads as Boring Again

Posted on: February 17, 2010

I was in the school library today and found this kid salad in a snack recipe book. I think that’s a great way to make your kids eat a salad and especially for non veggie eaters. It looks cute…I’m sure your kid will enjoy eating this:


Here is the recipe:

1 egg:  Boil an egg for the head

1 head lettuce: tear off a large lettuce leaf and place it on a plate.

1 tomato: Slice the tomato in half and place it on top of the lettuce to create a belly

4 celery sticks or cucumber: cut them into small sticks for arms and legs

1 carrot : place 2 carrot pieces at the bottom for the legs

Raisens:  to create the eyes and the nose

1 stick string cheese to create the hair


4 Responses to "Kids will Never Think of Salads as Boring Again"

not just kids, even me 🙂

hehehe…same here :P….

I like it ..

I know it’s so cute 🙂

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