Miss Farah

Did You Have Your 8 Glasses of Water Today?

Posted on: February 21, 2010

Yesterday I went to visit my sister and while I was having lunch I noticed her water cooler. Near the button where you press for the water to come down there was a screen that said ” Did you Have your 8 glasses of water today?” I loved the idea and actually made me think “No, I didn’t have my 8 glasses of water today! I think this water cooler is great or if you don’t wanna buy a new one just stick a paper there and write the sentence down I think it’s a great idea.

Did you know that:

The standard recommendation of water intake for children is at least 6-8 glasses (1.5 – 2 liters) a day, drunk regularly throughout the day (at least 3-4 glasses while at school)

Children need to be adequately hydrated during all school lessons in order to maximise their learning potential. By the time a child feels thirsty, their mental performance may have deteriorated by 10% – attention, concentration and memory are all adversely affected.


2 Responses to "Did You Have Your 8 Glasses of Water Today?"

hmmmm…interesting.,,,well im not gonna buy a new cooler but i’ll definitely put a sticky not there to be reminded! thanksss

yes it’s very helpful! but don’t ignore it and pretend its not there ok? 🙂

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