Miss Farah

Student Eats a Green Sandwich!

Posted on: February 21, 2010

Caught one of the students today eating a green sandwich! Yes you heard me… a green sandwich!

Miss Farah: What is this? Why is it green?

Student: It’s a sandwich with green bread.

Miss Farah: Does it taste the same?

Student: Yes it does.

Miss Farah: hmmm….interesting!

Student: My Mom got this bread from “Breadtalk”.

Apparently Breadtalk makes bread and adds color to it but with natural food coloring. Like bread with beetroot that makes it pink bread, zucchini makes it green etc…


Colored bread is very popular these days. If you would like to try it at home with your kids just use some food coloring and you can make more than one color on a bread. I think that’s a fun way to get your child to eat. But don’ t use a lot of food coloring because it’s unhealthy.

Here is how to do it :

Put a couple of drops of food coloring in the milk

ask your child to paint a rainbow on the white bread You'll be amazed of the results...

 and the best part ….

they can eat the rainbow too 🙂


by Clemencia

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your welcome! enjoy

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