Miss Farah

Breaking through the Clouds of Dust!

Posted on: February 24, 2010

Well I guess the sandstorms have begun! It’s the time of the year where we find our houses all dusty and surrounded by an unhealthy environment.

While I was walking to school today I just literally couldn’t breathe I had to cover my nose and mouth with a  tissue so I could reach the classroom. So imagine what each child goes through during school. I couldn’t open the windows in the classroom and neither the door.  Lots of people are getting sick and breathing the polluted and dusty air will result in an allergic reaction.

Air revitalizing system

So I was thinking why wouldn’t schools in Kuwait get an Air Revitalizing System to purify and freshen the air around us. Each classroom would get one since students spend most of their times during the day at school.

The air revitalizing system can be used anywhere. In your kitchen it works to neutralize lingering cooking smells, in your lounge room it counteracts the smell and harmful effects of tobacco smoke, and in the bedroom it helps promote a better night’s sleep. It’s also great for babies and kids’ rooms, and anywhere your pets sleep.


It’s great for neutralizing any smells that can gather in teenagers’ rooms too and is ideal for nurseries, other childcare centers, and schools.

Here is one very good air revitalizing system it’s called ” Goodsphere”  you can get it from the pharmacy like “Boots”. They have all kinds of oils to add to the water. They are antibacterial and have a nice smell.

My sister uses Eucalyptus for kids and they have never gotten a cold!

Check out their website here:




5 Responses to "Breaking through the Clouds of Dust!"

Oh my God is this how the weather is in Kuwait now??? It’s deadly

Oh my!!!!!….the goodsphere is a very good air purifier I have one at home and believe me it’s really good it cleanses the air fully I love it..

Loved your post! I realized that no one usually talks about a solution for the “choking” we encounter when having a sandstorm. Although it’s not a full solution, it helps.This is an amazing piece of equipment I have been using since I moved to Kuwait, it goes on for 24hrs straight. I feel my kids are safe from the weather conditions when they are in their room because of it.

It is an ionizer and also absorbs any unwanted smells and keeps the room fresh, I really love it and I am grateful you are sharing this information with other moms with the same concerns:)

can someone tell me plz from where to get it:)

I mentioned that you can get it from boots pharmacy 🙂

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