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How Does Miss Farah Use Literacy Centers in Class?

Posted on: February 24, 2010

Every Tuesday I have  centers for my students. I have 24 kids and I usually divide them into 4 groups . The centers should include:

-Writing/phonics activity

– Reading comprehension

– puzzles and games

– Art activity

The centers last for 2 periods each for 25 minutes.  My students look forward to it because it’s fun. Now they know what to expect from each center. I will now show you some pictures of each center , if you have any ideas please share thank you 🙂

This is a phonics activity, they had to fill in the blank the syllable /le/ that matches the right picture, this activity doesn't usually take more than 10 minutes when they are done they go to the puzzles center

This is the puzzles center. Here the kids were playing the Bingo game I ordered it from Scholastics, it focuses on sight words. All they do is spin the wheel. The first player that covers three sight words in a row, wins.

Another game they can play in the puzzles center...Match and Spell

This is the reading center. Students will read a short story and answer questions, then they will go to the story corner and read any story they like...

This is the art center


2 Responses to "How Does Miss Farah Use Literacy Centers in Class?"

Great site.

Keep up the good work Farah..

oh, I mean Ms. Farah.

Sorry teacher 🙂

thank you Khaled 🙂

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