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Chalkboard Apartments: Creative or Messy?

Posted on: March 1, 2010

      Did you ever think of the possibility of drawing all over your furniture without no one getting annoyed? In this post I would like to gather your opinions on chalkboards as apartment embedded objects.  In the pictures that follow, you will see a lot of examples of blackboards being used as walls or even as furniture. I think this is a great idea for the kids’ rooms, as it would stimulate their creativity. However, I think that a blackboard which covers an entire wall is better suited in a school than in a home. A large surface means a lot of chalk dust which in the end is not even all that healthy.

by Freshome


6 Responses to "Chalkboard Apartments: Creative or Messy?"

I love it!!! Im thinking to put a wall like in my children’s bedroom they always write on the walls in the house!! and its driving me crazy this a great solution thnks Farah for sharing this

i love the idea, but it shud be in one or two corners in the house so that it wont be too messy

Did you end up getting the paint for the kids’ rooms? Please let me know from where?

Hey Bhavna sorry i havent replied earlier try this website: http://art-kw.com/productdetails.php?proid=493
contact them if they don’t provide it just ask them where to get it…..let me know what happens thanx

I love chalkboards! I put one in my sons playroom, it keeps him occupied for hours 😉

It is a great idea for the kids room!
Where in Kuwait would you get the chalkboard paint? In North America, one could get it from Ikea..but don’t know about here.

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