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How a D.C. school puts fresh food on the lunchroom tables

Posted on: March 2, 2010

D.C School made a transition from feeding their children industrial food filled with artificial substances to freshly prepared, whole foods that are healthy for kids.

They began preparing fresh food from fresh ingredients on site. One recent lunch, for instance, was black bean chicken, jasmine rice, Whole Foods-brand green peas, fresh apple slices tossed with cinnamon and low-fat white milk (chocolate is offered one day a week). The fresh chicken breast comes from a distributor, but it will soon be supplied by a local farmer. All the chicken, garlic, ginger, scallions and black beans that go into the dish are fresh, and we peel and chop everything ourselves.

So how does one get from reheating to fresh cooking?

Find out more by clicking here for the  Original Article.

I’m very happy to see that schools are concerned with the child’s health and taking actions. I wish that schools all around the world would consider this as well..hopefully soon


2 Responses to "How a D.C. school puts fresh food on the lunchroom tables"

Huh good move that should had need done a long time ago

true..but at least some schools are working on it 🙂

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