Miss Farah

How Does Miss Farah Teach Phonics and Spelling

Posted on: March 2, 2010

Every week we start with new spelling words. Today I explained the long vowel /o/ ow, oa

First I introduce the alphabet cards O, W and O, A

Word Blending:

In Word blending I display cards  and children have to come to the board and blend the letters to make a word with the long vowel o.

After the students blend the words I would have already distributed the spelling words that they have to learn for this week around the classroom. Students have to go around the classroom and look for the cards.

Here the Student found a card and is going to stand in line infront of the classroom to read it aloud and put it in a sentence.


Here the students read their cards aloud and try to put them into sentences.

When each students reads the card they sort the words on the board.


2 Responses to "How Does Miss Farah Teach Phonics and Spelling"

Wish my teacher used these technics. RIP :>

brownsuger you have to know that teaching methods have changed over these years…. thats why teaching is more fun nowadays….. 🙂

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