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Help Your Child Earn Money!

Posted on: March 10, 2010

Help your child earn the allowance that you give her/him. For example I’m a big spender I have trouble saving money why don’t you help your child get used to the thought of saving and earning money during childhood.

Let them earn an allowance by doing chores at home. Like setting the table, cleaning her/his room, etc…

Getting an allowance is not the only way to get money. Some children earn income by selling something. Like in this picture they are selling lemonade to their neighbors.

Have your child save her income! Let them spend some money and save the others . This girl is saving some of her omney in a piggy bank.

Explain to your kids that someday they will have a job and earn a  paycheck. Then they will will have to spend part of it on needs like food, clothing, and  a place to live. Tell them that earning an allowance now is a practice for the future.

If you know how to use your money wisely, you can do it all…


9 Responses to "Help Your Child Earn Money!"

This is really a nice idea. It is better to teach our kids the value of money by letting them work for it. I remember the first time i earned money by being a kiddie crew at McDonald. 🙂

Hey Kimberley that was a nice start for earning money!….Hope all kids will learn the value of money at a young age!

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At what age should a child start having an allowance? when will he start understanding the concept or money and its value?

As soon as your child starts attending school you can start giving an allowance but ofcourse you can start on a lower scale. Like for example when your child is in kindergarten you can give him an allowance for cleaning up the playroom, and as he grows up look for other chores you can reward him with. As he grows up he will learn that it is not an easy task to earn money. Get your child a piggy bank and let him start saving and maybe your child will get that toy tha he really wants for himself from his own money. He will feel proud 🙂

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