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Welcome to Brazil!- International Day

Posted on: March 19, 2010

Every year our school celebrates International Day, and each class has to choose a country. I chose Brazil….why? Simply because I’m in love with their country’s nature, culture and their soccer team! I changed the whole classroom maybe I over did it but this is how I like things to be done! Perfect!…. I made the girls feel that they are in Brazil by decorating the class with a tropical rainforest ( Amazon Rainforest) created a soccer field, huge waterfall canvas ( Iguaçú falls) and the Carnival De brazil for the Samba dancers.

I divided the class in to three groups:

10 Samba dancers

6 cheerleaders

8 soccer players

Here is what my class looked like and it left a smile  on everyone’s face on everyone who visited us.

 BEM VINDO PARA AU BRAZIL!( Welcome to Brazil)

soccer players

Samba girls and cheerleaders during the dance


3 Responses to "Welcome to Brazil!- International Day"

so cute! 🙂

I know!! and the kids looked adorable

[…] } I previously posted about Welcome to Brazil-International Day. That day could’ve been the busiest day of my life and I put so much effort into it. I had to […]

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