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Animal Friends’ Second Devastating Fire!

Posted on: March 24, 2010

There has been a second much more devastating fire at Animal Friends. This fire was in the main building and 39 animals perished. Several more are struggling to hold on. 

Two fire investigations have shown that the fires were caused by a surge of electricity from the main lines.  After the first fire, an inspection of the shelter elecrical system was conducted and smoke detectors and fire extinguishers were puchased and donated enmasse.  Despite these precautions, a massive surge occured to the now weakened main electrical lines.  All staff were sleeping nearby when the fire started.  The fire was not discovered until aerosol cans near the source of the fire began to explode.  At this point, the fire was fully involved and too dangerous for anyone but the fire department to fight.  Our shelter staff acted herroically to save as many animals as possible, and the fire rescue team also showed great courage as they entered the building to release the dogs from their firey prisons while the fire was still burning. Despite these acts of bravery, at least ten animals died in the fire and many were so badly injured that the arriving shelter staff had to work frantically and desperately to triage them and provide euthanasia where necessary.  Thus far, the fire has cost the lives of 8 dogs and 31 cats.

One whole section of the shelter is completely destroyed the entire building will require extensive repairs from smoke and fire damage. Animal Friends and the animals we care for have never needed your help more.  Animal Friends simply will not survive without help from all of you. Below is a list of things we need in order of priority.

. CASH! The rebuilding is going to cost KD50,000. Please donate what you can, hold small fundraisers and get as many people involved as possible. Checks should be made payable to: Ayeshah Waleed Al-Humaidhi and below is our bank information for a direct transfer. If you need further information please call 97377867 or e-mail info@animalfriendskuwait.org.

Bank Name: Bank of Kuwait and the Middle East (BKME)

Branch: South Surra

Name: Ayeshah Waleed Al-Humaidhi

Address Line 1: P.O.Box 71, Safat 13001

Address Line 2: Kuwait

Account: 42043311


2. Foster Homes. We have no shelter and currently have the animals housed at the Royal Animal Hospital and in outdoor enclosures at the shelter. These are obviously temporary fixes. The construction is going to take about 3 months and we are appealing to all of you to house an animal until it can be adopted or returned to the rebuilt shelter. If you are able to foster an animal please call 66187301 or e-mail anna_mitchell@shaw.ca.

3. Volunteers. We need help with clean-up and helping care for the animals. We need to salvage anything and everything we can from the building before the demolition starts. This weekend, Friday-Saturday (26-27) are going to be huge clean-up days. Your help would be hugely appreciated. The map will be uploaded to the website shortly.

4. In Kind Donations. We will be putting together an extensive list of items we need in the next few days and will send it out to the list as well as post to our website.

 Thank you in advance for your help and support and we hope to rise out of the ashes bigger and better.


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