Miss Farah

Miss Farah Learns to make Sushi!!

Posted on: March 27, 2010

Sushi Sushi Sushi….I could eat sushi everyday and what’s even better now? I can make it at home! Homemade sushi!!

Sushi is a very good meal to make at home to your family or friends and don’t forget that it’s healthy!

There’s a place in Kuwait called Sushi Club located in Salmiya Belajat St, who give sushi classes. So I decided to book for an appointment and learn how to make sushi…. I was looking forward to it all week! It was so much fun and I had good time with the chefs.  It’s really all about the rice and rolling part.

Here I have to soak my hand in water and get a bundle of rice and stick them in to the seaweed. It has to be fully covered.

Then you put inside the roll anything you want here I put salmon and avocado mmm...

Then you roll you have to make sure to press firmly while rolling..

rolling it firmly

After it's rolled you cut them into equal parts...Doesn't it look great?

 Check out more pictures by clicking on the next page…


 Thanks to the Chefs at Sushi Club!


9 Responses to "Miss Farah Learns to make Sushi!!"

Yummmmy!!!! Bravo foufy!!!!!neyalo li bado yitjawazik!!!!!mwah

Thank you Dana! 😀

[…] Miss Farah Learns to make Sushi!! […]

Yummyyyy!!!! :))

it sure was 🙂

Never thought of about the idea of making at home (o_O) i wonder why ?!!! 😛

but to be honest i really want to try it now

maybe the kids wont like it but im always welcoming some new wild exotic flavors in the kitchen


Awesome Blog by the way & Keep up the good work

Hey Nammour Thank you for your kind words! I’ve always thought of making sushi at home and that’s why I wanted to learn the exact way to do it professionally before I experiment in the kitchen 🙂 It was really fun I assure you and if your family doesn’t like raw fish then you can just put vegetables… Let me know how it goes 🙂

nice ! were the chefs japanese ?

No! They were Philippinos 🙂 But they were very good

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