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Mirror Mirror on the Wall?

Posted on: March 30, 2010

I am a huge believer in Feng shui, because it is a spiritual practice. I believe in positive energy and how one can play with formulas can increase your fortune and have a smoother path in life…

Lots of elements in this world can affect your life and one of those are mirrors. They are great expanders of energy that’s why you should know exactly where to place them.

If you place a mirror in a narrow hallway a flat mirror will brighten the area and create the illusion of more space.

– If you place one opposite a dining table, it will appear to double the amount of food on the table, which is believed to increase the prosperity of the family.

– Do not hang one opposite your desk it will double your existing workload.


– Never position mirrors facing each other, energy will bounce back and forth

– A mirror opposite a front door will just send the energy straight out again.

– Throw out cracked or discoloured mirror as it will literally tarnish your image.

– Never put a mirror or have mirror doors opposite your bed as this can cause restlessness, insomnia and possiblyrelationship problems.

– Avoid using mirror tiles as they break up your image and can also cause fragmentation in your life.

Mirror tiles

– – And last but not least, dusty mirros will distort the energetics so always keep them sparkling clean.


This information was taken from a book called ” Feng Shui  for Today’s Living”, it was very helpful and tonight I’m moving my tall mirror out of my room because it is facing my bed. I was wondering why I can’t sleep well at night 🙂 I hope this information helped you.

Remember mirrors are powerful energizers that should not be misused.




2 Responses to "Mirror Mirror on the Wall?"

thanks for the gr8 info!
love mirrors always makes any place look better 🙂

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