Miss Farah

Miss Farah, May I go to the Bathroom?

Posted on: April 4, 2010

Well well well…if it isn’t the same  sentence that teachers hear all day!!

Miss, may I go to the bathroom?

I can’t wait I really need to go!!

Or you see a student jumping up and down indirectly telling you that he/she needs to use the toilet.

And the question is….should we believe them or not?

For younger kids, it is very important to know if a student has medical problems and they need visit the bathroom frequently, if not….there are many ways to approach this issue without letting your students interrupt the lesson.

I use  a bathroom log: I use a sign in/sign out method. The kids show me a sign language sign to ask to go to the bathroom (that way they don’t verbally interrupt as I teach, others are working, etc.), and I nod my head if it is an alright time for them to go. They then sign out in a small book and sign back in when they come back.

They have to read the analog clock to write down the time they leave and the time they come back – this gives them time telling practice. It also helps to know who was in the bathroom at what time if there was an “incident,” which seem to happen in school bathrooms!

Click here to get the Bathroom Log Worksheet.

I have heard many stories of teachers not letting students go to the bathroom and that’s where the problems occur! I once was informed of a parent who got really mad a teacher concerning this issue, because if the student holds it too long then they will have medical problems like kidney stones for example.

Stephanie Brown says:  I never let a student go to the restroom when they ask. I find many students set up appointments with other students in other classes. “Meet me by the restroom at 10 a.m.” I delay them at least 5-10 minutes. I’ll say, “Finish this assignment and then ask me.” I find that the ones who really have to go will remember to re-ask, and the ones who just want out will forget all about it. Plus delaying them causes them to miss the person they were supposed to meet. It’s a good test to determine who really needs to go and who doesn’t.

So what about you? Do you have any bathroom Breaks rules? If not you should start one!


4 Responses to "Miss Farah, May I go to the Bathroom?"

That’s a good idea from Stephanie Brown. But, I bet she gets a lot of her students hate her for that 🙂

you’re right! she knows them too well 😛

Hello Miss Farah, As a matter of fact I realized from an incident that happened today that your log is going to be the key that unlocks the bathroom mystery in my class. I am a new teacher who is learning the ropes in special ed. I have a rather large population of ADHD fifth graders that seem to have to go to the bathroom to just take a break from class. I know this and have kept it in check, until today. One of my students, had to go really, really bad, and so I let him. He didn’t return for fifteen minutes. I called him on it, and told him that next time he needed to go really, really bad he would need to with a bathroom monitor. For the following students, who needed to use the bathroom, I had them write their time on the board along with their name, and I watched closely. Finding your log will put a little water on their fire, and help me keep things in check. Thank you

I’m so glad I was able to help, sometimes we don’t know if the child is saying the truth or not….this log will also keep track of who is visiting the bathroom more often and we can be able to tell if the child is saying the truth or not. If you tell them they have to record the time and write their name they will find it a burden to visit the bathroom the next time….Good luck and if you need any other tips let me know as i’ve been teaching for 8 years now…

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