Miss Farah

Say Sorry- It’s Sorry Charlie Day!

Posted on: April 7, 2010

From www.astrology.com

This is one of the Daily Feng Shui Tips I usually get in my email check this out it’s cool:

When any of the kids in my family would fight(and there were four of us fightin’ Irish!) my parents would literally force us to apologize to each other. If we refused, the offenders were put together at the kitchen table for however long it took for us to say that we were sorry. Sometimes all we’d do is stick our tongues out at each other while stuck at that table, but it would be a cold day in you know where before we’d say ‘sorry.’ So, my mother came up with this solution: She told us that we didn’t actually have to literally apologize as long as we said ‘sorry Charlie.’ As we’ve grown into adulthood, and even though my parents have long since passed, we still say ‘sorry Charlie’ to one another if we think that we’ve hurt each other’s feelings. So, when I saw that today was called ‘Sorry Charlie’ day, I immediately thought of another time I used this same excuse for an apology. Once upon a decade or so ago I was sitting in seminar with one of my master teachers who was telling of a way to enlist the Universe to find forgiveness. I labeled the top of my notes for this cure the ‘Sorry Charlie Cure!’ It goes like this:

If you’re having troubles with someone but neither of you can work up an apology, write their name in green ink on a piece of white paper. Fold that paper in quarters and then cover it paper with honey. Place it inside a glass jar with a lid and tightly seal it shut. On top of the lid place a small white candle which you will light every day for nine days straight. You don’t need to watch the candle burn all the way down, but you do need to create an intention of peace between you and whoever’s name is written on that paper. On the ninth day allow the candle to burn out completely before either burying the jar or placing it in a brown paper bag and throwing it in the outside garbage. Forgiveness is one of the most important gifts we can give someone else and is almost the most important one we can give ourselves. Try this cure. It’s saaaweeet!


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