Miss Farah

Buddha Statue in the House for Prosperity!

Posted on: April 9, 2010

No matter your religious persuasion or spiritual affiliation, there’s a Feng Shui cure that uses an image of the Buddha in order to bring to your door Health, Happiness and a whole lot of Prosperity (The Three Great Blessings in Feng Shui!). This cure says that you should position a small statue of the Buddha anywhere immediately inside your front door and face it so that it’s looking at the door itself, ostensibly welcoming all the visitors (including opportunity!) to your home. This same adjustment codicils that the Buddha statue should be faced on a slant or placed catty-corner to the front door.

Some people put money under the statue and rub its belly for good luck.

But be aware that there’s a caution in Feng Shui where using statues of deities and icons is concerned and it says that these symbols of sacred energies must never be placed directly on the floor, but should always be positioned some place that is considered ‘higher up.’ I think we can see the implication there, eh? Either way, have a Buddha bless your home and watch as those blessings translate into actual rewarding experiences!

Just to let you know I’m not buddhist! This is a feng shui study!


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