Miss Farah

One Good Deed Per Day!

Posted on: April 17, 2010

Before I start with this post i just want to say i’m so sorry i’ve been away this week, I had so much going on, you see I was in Lebanon with my family for a whole week and now i’m back to Kuwait again! So I promise i’m gonna be back!

Anyway i wanted to share with you this story that happened to me yesterday. When I was at Beirut Airport getting ready to fly back to Kuwait, I went to the bathroom and saw an old lady worker near the bathroom so i gave her some money before I left, and on the bus I saw a woman carrying a baby and she was standing so I told her please have my seat. It feels good to do good deeds to strangers!…..

When I arrived to Kuwait i passed by a drive thru atm machine and then headed home. Around midnight, i received a phone call from the security guy in our building, he told me there is someone who wants to see me. I was shocked who wants to see me at midnight? He told me don’t worry I’m going to be with you downstairs and you are going to hug the person that you will see. I just couldn’t figure it out….who could it be? what does this person want from me? Lots of thought went through my head….I got dressed up as fast as I could and went downstairs. I reached the reception are and there I see a lady  and her son. I don’t know these people,,,, what do they want from me??

The lady approaches me with a small bag telling me you don’t know me but i have something that belongs to you…she opens the bag, and guess what I see inside? MY WALLET! My wallet that contained, my driver’s license, Kuwaiti civil ID, Lebanese Identity, atm cards, money…anything you can think of!!! I was shocked! I had no clue that my wallet wasn’t even with me!. I thanked her so much and she told me that it’s not her who I have to thank, i should thank her 7 year old son who found the wallet and went to his mom to give it to me!…

This was Karma I guess!! I did little good deeds that day and it came back to me! What goes around comes around! I was so grateful and thankful and insisted in giving the little boy some cash….It’s amazing to see a young boy at this age acting so maturely….he was raised well….God Bless Him!

So I decided from now on I am going to do good deeds everyday!It’s going to be a committment, and it doesn’t matter large or smal. And i’ll be telling you about them in my posts! What about you? Why don’t you give it a shot! It is such a great feeling.

The more you do good the better you’ll feel about yourself, i hope this post will inspire you…Think about the difference you can make in your own life!


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