Miss Farah

Is It Sunday Already??

Posted on: April 18, 2010

Yes it is!! It’s Sunday again…and this is exactly how I looked like this morning, at 5:30 am, pretty scary huh?!!! 😀  Yes I wake up at 5:30 am  everyday and what makes it even worse, I am not a morning person at all!! It takes me at least an hour to wake up properly and recognise where I am and where I am going…

 Adults hate them because it means that there’s a whole week of work ahead of them. And  kids and teens hate them because  there’s a whole week of school ahead of them.

You know I may be nagging a lot about the waking up part but that’s how I feel every single day and not just only on Sundays!

On the other hand,,,I am actually the kind of teacher who misses her students and look forward to asking them about their weekend or their vacation after a long break.

My students make me feel good, they are the reason I wake up. I  want to inspire them I want to be their role model and I want to guide them. I love their world it’s so innocent and pure they are the ones who you should spend time with if you’re feeling down, they motivate you they cheer you up, they make you laugh and smile. So in conclusion i have no problem with Sundays! It’s just the morning part 🙂 and it’s ok I’ll live 🙂

For my viewers who are not living in the gulf region, weekends in Kuwait are Fridays and Saturdays 🙂


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