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Parenting: How to Explain the meaning of Death to your Child?

Posted on: April 19, 2010

Many of us don’t know how to deal with explaining to kids the meaning of death. Especially that kids at a young age begin to wonder what happened to that person. To let your child understand death like if someone died in a car accident or was too ill  it’s better not to tell them that they went to sleep. Eventually they are going to ask when is this person going to wake up. It is also not a good idea to tell the kid that they travelled and they are not coming back, because the child is also going to ask when will this person return and begin to feel that every person who travels will never return or the when they sleep they will never wake up.

So what is the best way to deal with this issue?

Just simply tell your child the person’s body is not working anymore and the doctor couldn’t fixit. Be honest with them. If someone dies suddenly, like in an accident, you might explain what happened — that because of this very sad event, the person’s body stopped working. You may have to explain that “dying” or “dead” means that the body stopped working.

As frustrating as this sounds continue to calmly reiterate that the person has died and can’t come back. Eventually when your child starts to mature they will understand the meaning of death.


2 Responses to "Parenting: How to Explain the meaning of Death to your Child?"

I Think It’s Also Important To Make Him Feel Comfortable To Ask Even I Don’t Know The Answer;But This May Learn Him How To Be Honest And Able To Deal With The Family Despite The Loss

thanx for sharing ur opinion 🙂

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