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April 22nd: Celebrating Earth Day!

Posted on: April 22, 2010

In my previous postI mentioned that this Thursday, April 22nd we will be celebrating Earth Day!

I sat with my students yesterday and explained to them the environmental disasters that has been happening in our daily basis on Earth. They were shocked, they had no idea about recycling, reusing or reducing. I told them about the oil in the sea that killed all the fish and people throwing trash on the ground, cutting down trees…you should see the expressions on their faces i felt like they wanted to just go out of the classroom start cleaning and spread the news ,,hehe….

Anyway today all the students, teachers, and adminstrators are wearing blue and green to celebrate Earth day!

This is an art activity you can do at home or at school:

It’s the perfect time for a nature walk! Take the kids, of all ages, out in your yard, or around the neighborhood and pick up leaves, flowers, twigs and bark (within the boundaries of not picking other peoples flowers or destroying live growing vegetation). I know in Kuwait it’s hard to find nature why don’t you go to the beach instead?

– Utilize the back side of paper that has already been printed or written on to glue your newly found nature pieces (not the trash, get rid of that!).

–  Hang your nature collages around the house for fun memories and eco friendly reminders! You can hang in them in places where being green is especially important, like the kitchen and bathrooms as a reminder to not waste water and recycle.

I did lots of recycling activities the past week but I totally forgot to take pictures! 😦 I’ll be doing one today though from paper plates….Stay tuned for my next post….


And remember …. EVERYDAY IS EARTH DAY!


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