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How Does Miss Farah Read Stories to her Students?

Posted on: April 25, 2010

It’s story telling time!! Everytime we have extra minutes of class time we make use of it and go to the carpet. I grab a book of their choice and read to them.

Children love stories, and you can be one of the beloved people in their lives who tell stories in a manner that will keep them coming back for more. It is a matter of using body language, and words, adding actions, and knowing when to pause to let the suspense build. Even when a child has heard the story before, you can keep them wondering if the story will change.

But how do I tell stories?…As you can see all the students’ eyes are on the book. There are techniques in reading stories well to children to be able to grab their attention.

First I read the title of the story and the author.

Second I always make sure that everyone can see the illustrations of the story.

Also I vary my voice tone according to the characters.

I use a lot of body language and act out the words.

The tempo of my words get faster when there is something exciting and slower for the dramatic parts. Volume to add to the excitement of the story.

I also involove the children and ask them questions, sometimes I have them predict of what might come next…

Hope this was helpful!


5 Responses to "How Does Miss Farah Read Stories to her Students?"

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hi miss farah ,,, dimah always read her story in home on this way

yes Dimah is a great reader 🙂 I’m so glad she does

hi Miss Farah …. you are the best teacher …. mariam loves u ….

thank you! I love Mariam too 🙂

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