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Foods Your Child Might Choke On!

Posted on: April 26, 2010

I was watching The Doctors Show last night and heard them discussing foods that can choke kids and especially hot dogs. Hot dogs should be always cut in to smaller pieces and all foods that are small in size and long in length.

Many parents or caregiver are cautious and careful when a child puts a toy in his mouth, however some are not aware that even food can make your child choke.

Young children may not have all their teeth or well-developed chewing skills until they are about 4 years old. In addition, children are easily distracted during eating and should not be allowed to eat while they’re on the move.

Foods you should be aware and cautious of while your child eats are:

– grapes

– hot dogs

– nuts

– chewing gum

– hard and sticky candy

– vegetables

– raisens

– popcorn

– chunk of meat and cheese


During Playtime

* Follow the age recommendations on toy packages. Any toy that is small enough to fit through a 11/4-inch circle or is smaller than 21/4 inches long is unsafe for children under 4 years old.

* Don’t allow young children to play with toys designed for older children. Teach older children to put their toys away as soon as they finish playing so young siblings can’t get them.

* Frequently check under furniture and between cushions for dangerous items young children could find, including:

  • coins
  • marbles
  • watch batteries (the ones that look like buttons)
  • pen or marker caps
  • cars with small rubber wheels that come off
  • small balls or foam balls that can be compressed to a size small enough to fit in a child’s mouth

Even if you avoid small toys and the foods I’ve mentioned above, you should know what to do if your child starts to choke. If you have a small child, consider taking a basic first aid or pediatric CPR class. You never know when you may have to act.


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