Miss Farah

Is this Really the School Cafeteria!!

Posted on: April 26, 2010

Ok I’ve mentioned a lot about healthy food in my previous posts and the experiences my students and I went through. My students are now eating healthy food everyday wiht a lunch bag filled with healthy sandwiches fruits and vegetables. I passed by the school cafeteria in the beginning of the year and was under shock!

 This is becoming an issue and i’m not liking it! How could school cafeterias sell junk food? They should set an example for them instead!!

 I’m so glad my students are eating healthy and if their caregiver put chips for them in the lunchbag they come in the morning to me and put it on my desk telling me they won’t eat it…They really make me proud!!

 However this school cafeteria drives me crazy i’m not going to comment just see for yourself… Seriously!!! Are these for the students??

I heard some rumors that next year they will get a diet company to cater …let’s hope these rumors are true!!


5 Responses to "Is this Really the School Cafeteria!!"

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Im so glad as a teacher ur putting better eating habits on the forefront and giving it the due limelight..more teachers should do this..given the fact that eating habits are honed from an early age and 50 % of a childs day is spent at school with teachers and other peers..Jamie oliver should bring his food revoultion to Kuwait next! 🙂

I was thinking the same thing when i was posting this. Jamie Oliver should come and visit the Arab world or maybe bring someone with the same mission :)….

dang cool story dude.

thaaanxx miss Farah for this importent post ,,, really am very woried that my kids went to school every day whith this cafiteria and asking me for money to buy

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