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Let’s Hula Hoop!!

Posted on: April 27, 2010

” I’ll race you to the Hula Hoops!!” one student says, as they go running towards the hula hoops. Hula hoops are very famous in our school, and most of the students have mastered hula hooping!

Do you know that is a very good sports for girls?

What are you waiting for? Switch on some fast-paced music and do a hula-hooping dance. This exercise will not only revive and refresh you but will also help you in burning the unwanted fat. 🙂

Hula hooping helps increase the flow of blood to the brain. Hula hooping exercises are more reviving than a short nap. Regular hula hooping helps increase the energy level of the body.

Hula hooping exercises strengthens the waist, hips and the knees. This is another important health benefit of hula hooping.

The coordination of the body movement and breathing strengthens the torso muscles and enhances the flexibility of the spine. Hula hooping exercises promote the integral functions of our vital organs.

Hula hooping is a fun activity for children and adults. The idea of this exercise is keep the hoop moving on your hips as long as possible. More you exercise more the calories will you burn. If you want to work your waist and hips, place the hula-hoop on the waist and move around. You could place it on arms and legs to tone the muscles in those areas.
One of the health benefits of hula hooping is, it helps lose weight and increases the fitness level of the body.

Today I’m taking my students to the playground to do some hula hooping as a reward for their good behavior 🙂



2 Responses to "Let’s Hula Hoop!!"

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As a man in his thirties (who also used to be a teacher), I have to admit, though we had 30 hoops in the gym for the kids, I never would have ever thought of hula hoops as part of my own fitness regimen… until I heard Marisa Tomei talking about it on a talk show and mentioned how she thought men who could handle a hoop were infinitely more attractive… then I thought… I gotta get me a hula hoop. (You know, in case she ever happens by me while I’m hooping) She even made this video where she hoops it up in her own apartment… check it out: http://www.itsasickness.com/lounge/marisa-tomei-obsessed-hula-hoops

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