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Play Hangman with your Students/kids!

Posted on: May 6, 2010

What you need: At least two players, paper and a pen or pencil.

How to win: Guess or complete the word correctly before being “hung.”

How to play: One player thinks of a word, and the other player or players must try to guess it by suggesting letters. The word to guess is represented by a row of dashes which correspond with the number of letters in the word. If a letter is correctly guessed, the other player writes the letter in all the dashes in which it occurs. If the guessed letter does not appear in the word, the other player draws a part of a man’s body on the gallows. The game continues until a player correctly guesses the word or until the man’s body is complete.

The rules: In one variation, players draw the gallows before the game and draw parts of the man’s body (head, right arm, left arm, etc.) as the player makes incorrect guesses. In another variation, players begin the game with no gallows, allowing each part of the gallows to be drawn which gives the players more guesses. Details like parts of a face can also be drawn to prolong the game.

I’ll be starting this game today! You can play it with you students to help them in spelling! Have Fun!

Can you guess the word? Duh!! 😛


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