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I’m Traveling with my Kids and I’m Terrified!!

Posted on: May 11, 2010

I’m sure many of you travel a lot, and when i’m traveling I always notice that kids are bored, nagging, hitting their siblings and screaming!! It’s terrifying to you and annoying to all the passengers. So why don’t we all get some peace and quiet with these helpful tips?

– First make sure your kids are wearing comfortable clothes.

– If it’s a long flight get extra change of clothes.

– Snacks

– A hairbrush

– A toiletry kit which includes soap and lotion



– new coloring books

– grade-level activity books

– one of those giant sticker activity books

– a “learn how to draw” book

– books to read

– box of crayon

– pack of markers


An Ipod is worth every penny. You Can load them up with their favorite movies, TV shows, and music, but there are tons of kid game apps (many of them free) to keep them occupied.


I find plane rides are a great time to work on manners and independence with children, since most of the time, flight attendants are asking the kids directly what it is they’d like to drink or eat. Usually when you are on a plane that’s the time the girls can have a (caffeine-free) soda or any juice, so let them order, and remind them to say “please” and “thank you.”  Neither kid really loves the airplane nuts, so that is an opportunity where they can speak up and say, “No, thank you,” rather than whining to you about how they don’t want their macadamias.

Another point of independence is letting them go to the lavatory by themselves.  They get lots of coaching about what to touch and what not to, how to work the sink, and how NOT to leave the lav a mess.


After you’ve prepared for every inevitability, just have fun. I’m a terribly fearful flier, but even I can appreciate that planes are awesome. If you have the chance, walk your kids around and explore. (Not during service times, though.)

Once at your destination, try to get them in rhythm with the time it is there, not the time it is at home.  Kids are pretty adaptable–they don’t have all the mental hang-ups about sleep that we have. If they need to nap, keep it short, then get ’em up and moving, then get them to be at bedtime


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