Miss Farah

Miss Farah Loves to Jog!!

Posted on: May 11, 2010

Jogging is one of the best exercises I love to do. I actually go jogging everyday at night by the sea side. I love jogging because it is a stress reliever for me, increases my energy level, and helps me lose fat. I do some stretching exercises after i’m done. I always tell my students what I do. I tell them I eat healthy food and I jog and do exercises daily. Some students look up to their teachers and they would like to copy them. Teachers are like their role models. If you are a teacher or a parent please encourage your children to exercise and eat healthy. You can go jogging as a family, grab your ipod and start. I usually jog for one hour, half hour walking for warming up and half hour jogging or slow running. If you are new at this don’t start running immediately, start only when you’re ready. I was jogging really hard when i started and my feet were bleeding so I advise you to take it slow. To avoid injuries increase your activity for only 1-2 minutes per day. After several weeks, review your progress and then increase or decrease the activity accordingly.

Here are the benefits of jogging taken from Ezine articles:

Jogging is one of the finest exercise programs, as it yields a lot of benefits. You can do it independently and it helps you build a good physique by stimulating your heart rate, relieving stress, toning your muscles and also prevents a number of aging problems. It increases your energy level and it brings a sense of discipline and is more result oriented than any other type of workout. It helps burn calories and stay fit.


5 Responses to "Miss Farah Loves to Jog!!"

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I love to jog too!! it is part of my daily routine and you kinda get addicted to it…

That’s amazing keep it up 🙂

Hi,, dimah always telling me that miss farah likes to jog ;)) why I didn’t do the same :p
Ana she what to know what r u eating every day looooool

hahaha…that’s great..good to know that my students are listening..i always try to motivate them in exercising and eating healthy 🙂

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