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How Can Dads help their wives after childbirth?

Posted on: May 18, 2010

I have a lot of guy friends lately whose wives are either pregnant or just gave birth. I feel they are lost and don’t know how to approach or handle chores or at least help their wives. I have a few tips i hope this helps:

First, you have to take at least 2 weeks vacation to help his wife recovering and arrange the process of breast-feeding. During this time, dads can make sure that all the shopping is done, and that the house is stocked.

– Dads can take care of pets in a house, and when mom breast-feeds, take the baby and burp the baby. A woman should not carry her baby during walking for at least 1-2 weeks as the pelvis is very unsteady due to the birth and the repositioning

– Help with holding the baby during mom’s showers, eating and personal care. Moms get so thirsty when they are breastfeeding, so you should bring her a glass of tea with milk before the process.

– Try to exonerate your wife from cooking for at least 2 weeks. Just ask someone to cook for both mom and dad. Soups are good as they are instant nutrition and very cleansing. Make sure mom has her supplements and get them all set up for her. These 2 weeks are for bonding for both mom and dad, and baby as a family and each other.

– Helping your wife in everything you can, will also help you not feeling lonely and forgotten. Just understand a baby is an eternal link between you, and you are a team.


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