Miss Farah

We Choose to Be HEALTHY!

Posted on: May 23, 2010


 Everyday I check my students’ lunch bags to see if they brought healthy food or not. But i noticed one specific lunch box that I felt I wanted to share with you. It was Nadia’s Lunchbox. She had Omelet, Mixed Vegetable salad, Slice of cheese, and sliced orange. I just loved how they were put and divided. Good Job Nadia!


9 Responses to "We Choose to Be HEALTHY!"

hmm…yumm.. i miss school 😦 my mom use to make awesome lunchboxes..i remember having a bento lunchbox i use to be crazy abt it 🙂

our lunchboxes were very important we used to compare lunchboxes all the time…like who has the nicest one :D….

hehe…those good old days…initally it was the lunch boxes then later it was wht was in the lunch box…coz man u get hungry during the “Break time ” 🙂 i use to eat even during my class …my teachers, when they check my school bag they would find lots of chips and chocolates 🙂 i was a very naughty kid!!its fun eating during class…

That’s a teacher that’s gone over and beyond the call of duty :>

it’s my job to inspire them!! …and it worked obviously 🙂

Its great seeing parents pay more attention to what goes in to their kids lunch boxes

Yes It is truly a great thing i hope this will spread around especially in the arab world… 🙂

It looks yumyyyyy,,, god job miss farah

Thank you Alia 🙂

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