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Fresh Fruit Juices are the best Option!

Posted on: May 24, 2010


Finding a healthy drink for your child on the supermarket shelves can be difficult. There are rows and rows of enticing bottles in many tempting flavors and bright colors, and children are drawn by these as well as by the familiar brands advertised on television.

Artificially sweetened drinks:

The alternative to sugary drinks are sugar free drinks, containing artificial sweeteners, but I would advise caution with these as well.


– Fresh juice: Fresh fruit juices are the best option

the next best option is pure fruit juice made from concentrate.

– Avoid carton of drinks masquerading as fruit juice. if the carton says “drink”rather than “juice”then it will not be pure juice but will probably have added sugar and water and is best left on the shelf.

Tips for healthier drinks:

Make your child smoothies by blending fruit on its own, or adding a little milk.

– It is always best to offer juice after mealtimes. A small amount of fruit juice with meals also helps the iron in food to be absorbed because of the vitamin C the juice contains

– Offer water or milk rather than sugary drinks. if children insist on fruit juice, dilute it with water to makie it less sugary …same goes with soft drinks.

– get your child to brush his teeth after sugary drinks

– Children like drinking out of trendy sports type bottles, so try filling them with water.


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i love juice…to be honest we do enjoy sugary drinks..as kids all we drank was sugary drinks coz it was there in school but my mom balances it out at home by giving us loads of fruit juices 🙂 i love how she mixes 2-3 fruits and get something really yummy out of it..even i do it now 🙂

yum[they look tastey

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