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A famous Football Player makes one young fan’s dream come true

Posted on: May 31, 2010

Nine-year-old Ruben St. Hilaire, Jr, who lives with this mother in a homeless shelter in New York City, received an autographed jersey from “Chad Ochocinco”  after sending a letter. Rubin then sent a second letter that would have melted the heart of the hardest individual. He wrote:

Mr. Johnson, you really make me happy. One of my goals in my future life is to be just like you when I grow up. I wonder who was your role model when you were little? I have three role model(s) in my life that’s my mom, Mr. President Barack Obama and my favorite football player Mr. Chad Johnson. To me you are the best football player in the NFL. May God bless you and your family happy holidays.

Ruben’s dream was to go to a football camp. Presenting the certificate for camp attendance to Ruben, would be the very same Mr.  Chad Ochocinco. Ruben’s hero was introduced after the young boy read his letter. Bonus – it was Ruben’s birthday!

If that wasn’t amazing enough. Ochocinco then led the crowd in a verse of “Happy Birthday” for his biggest fan. It was an amazing day for Ruben St. Hilaire, Jr, and probably a pretty special for Chad Ochocinco, as well.


4 Responses to "A famous Football Player makes one young fan’s dream come true"

that’s so nice

yes it is 🙂

i like spain and brazil

chad you r sooooooo cute and omg love your show and u r the sweetiest guy to change that boys life xoxo

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