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Featured Dad: Mr. Shaheen Al Ghanem

Posted on: May 31, 2010

Keyan my student














 His 3 Children











I interviewed a father from my class Mr. Shaheen Al Ghanem “Keyan Al Ghanim’s dad” who has a private business. I interviewed him because I felt he is very involved with his daughter’s school work. So i wanted to ask him a few questions.

As a father do you feel it is important for dads to be involved in their child’s school work?

Yes I do it is very important because I’d like to know what what my daughter is doing in class so I can help her as much as I can.

Do you make time for your child even if you are busy?

Yes I try as much as I can and if it’s easy for me to do so.

Do you ask your children about their day at school? Do you check their homework? D you do activities together?

Yes I do, most of the time it’s their mother who helps them with homework. Yes we do activities on the weekends mostly.

Do you teach them about money and how to handle money?

Yes ofcourse I do.

What would you like to tell Miss Farah and her readers?

I would like to thank you Miss Farah and I wish you a successful life thanks alot for everything and what you gave Keyan which is knowledge and fun!

You’re welcome, thank you for your time and I will miss Keyan a lot. You have an amazing family God bless you all!


23 Responses to "Featured Dad: Mr. Shaheen Al Ghanem"

hi miss farah,

i would like to add that shaheen is the most wonderful father ever…. & i am so proud of him…. god bless you brother & bless your wife & kids :))

Thanks Fajer for your comment yes he truly is a great father 🙂

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Hello miss Farah ,

I agree with everything , He is really featured DaD 🙂


that is me with my sister and brother

befor i was skiny and my hair was long

u’re still adorable keyan!

i love my sister and my brother

i like to read to my brother and sister

are you jokeing ??
i never saw you reading to your brother???

Hi miss farah,

Im not the one to juge my husband but truly he is awonderful dad and i thank you for this interview

you’re welcome 🙂

I ADORE these three angles !
Their mom aseel is my only sister she means the world to me and Shahen is the best dad ever! … He treats me like i’m one of his children although i turned 25 last week hehe.

Oh really! well Happy belated birthday then 😀


He is truly a great father , god bless u and I vote for him

hi miss farah

my bother is an amazing& caring father … god bless him & he’s wife
also all the children 🙂

thank you for your comment 🙂

hi miss farah the best one is keyan

reef likes me she calls me sister

keyan is the best friend i have.
reef is so cute.

they are my bff

i like keyan

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