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I Forgot my Phone and I Feel Disconnected

Posted on: June 2, 2010

This morning I was in such a hurry afraid of being late to school that I forgot my phone! It hit me when i was on the way, I thought to myself, should I go back and get it or should I stay without a phone till 3 pm? Well you know what I’ll just stay without a phone for this day! But sheeeeeeeesh I really want to go back and get it!!! But I didn’t and guess what??? I survived! Yes and you can too! Although I really felt disconnected all day but you know what,,,It really feels good sometimes.

In the modern age we think we have to constantly rush from this to that. We think we have to wake up and work every morning. We think we have to constantly respond to e-mails or blackberry messages or even tweets.

WHy don’t you try take some serious disconnect time this weekend? Aren’t you tired? Stressed out??

Here are simple ways on how to disconnect:

Don’t Tweet, Facebook, or engage with people on any social networking platform that you may use.

Don’t answer the phone at all this weekend. It doesn’t matter if it’s your mom or your boss calling, just choose not to pick up the telephone. In fact, turn it off. Go to the beach instead. Otherwise, maybe just grab a coffee and watch people walk by.

– Don’t check your email. Just let it sit there, trust me, it will be there come Monday morning. Too often we spend hours of our lives hitting the refresh button on e-mail.

– Just go about your day without speaking to anyone. Observe your thoughts. Read a book. Be sure to let anyone who might be offended know what you’re doing, so they don’t get mad.


3 Responses to "I Forgot my Phone and I Feel Disconnected"

I don`t think I can do that as my current job requires 24/7 support but even If i quit my job i don`t think I can disconnect from internet or mobile for a weekend 😦

so what’s wrong with being connected with a world all the time? i like it i’d never wanna be isolated ;s

Do you know that “D’oh!” has been included in the English dictionary!!

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