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Hello, my name is Mr. B and I am workaholic! Hi Mr. B!!!

Posted on: June 10, 2010



Let me tell you a story of a workaholic! A workaholic, who is someone I know, always complaining that he has no time to take care of his health or exercise. He is a person who leaves work at 1 am wakes up early the next day doesn’t eat anything and then has breakfast lunch and dinner all at night right before he goes to bed! Talk about unbalanced life!! Are you trying to kill yourself Mr. B! You know who you are 🙂

Mr. B here are your symptoms that made you a workaholic:

  • There is no separation for you between work and home.
  • Even when at home, your work is the top priority.
  • You are overly committed and driven to work. Your happiness is found in your work.
  • Work is on your mind 24/7.
  • You feel stressed because of your work.
  • You get upset when others suggest you cut back on your work.
  • You do not take vacations or take your work with you on vacation.
  • You neglect your health
  •  So do these sound familiar??

      On the other hand, let me tell you the story of my Dad. My dad is a workaholic and he never seperates his work from home. However, Dad is superhealthy and his health is one of his main priorities in life. Let me tell you what dad eats every day!!

    For breakfast:

    Sultana Bran cereal with skimmed milk

    – A tablespoon of Manuka Honey

    – Coffee


    For lunch dad goes home everyday has a healthy meal made by mom and rests for around half an hour and then goes back to work


    During work hours, dad eats a lot of fruits like kiwis, oranges etc…

    He is also recently been having Activia yogurt.


    At night dad usually has a light sandwich, and every single night he has Almonds and Walnuts.

    and right before he goes to sleep he has a small piece of dark chocolate to help sleep because it contains magnezium 🙂

    Dad is a workaholic but never neglects his health. Never make work your priority over your health. After all you need to be healthy to function better in life right?


    So Mr. B are you inspired enough?


    9 Responses to "Hello, my name is Mr. B and I am workaholic! Hi Mr. B!!!"

    I know one Mr.B, who is working with me…having the same symptoms as you mentioned above. His name also starts with B. Definitely I will forward this post to him and lets c what will happen.

    hmmmm talk about coincidence! i guess all the Bs are workaholics!….

    Abyyyyy? u work at CIRCUS BC right:) so we know him too:) & definitely he won’t be able to check the post during the coming 12 hours 😉 I will make sure to forward the post

    Yes we’re all from CIRCUSBC 🙂 I am proud to have Mr B on my team! He is a hardworker, people should be inspired by him! but take care of your health, nevertheless. God bless you.

    Well i knew Mr. B. 5 years ago.

    Sometime something never changes 🙂

    All the Best !!

    I know a Ms. B, but her name starts with M;) she doesnt have all the above listed symptoms, but smtimes she used to delay her bday cuz she had overloaded projects and spends nights and nights at work;)

    well the only thing that im sure is im not Mr. B cause i hate working .. i like to take care of my health and relax on the beach looool
    good one Miss Farah 10l10

    I know many people like Mr B, I think these days the work environment has changed, 9-5 jobs are less prevalent, people work longer hours under pretty stressful deadlines. The last thing you think of is your health and what you’re eating, for me I go for convenience; it’s much easier to eat take away than make something healthy for example.

    Also I’ve had a gym membership for years now, i can prob count on my hand the amount of times i’ve been in the last few months. Last thing i wanna do after a day’s hard work is excercise!!

    Thanks for the post, I enjoy reading this blog 🙂

    I’ve known also many people like Mr. B in my life, but what I noticed in such people that they dont only neglect their health as this subject is focusing on, but they end up dramatising their entire life: familiy, friends, personal life and of course health problems.
    So just an advice for Mr B and all the BEES in the planet:
    WAKE UP & don’t stress too much on work, after all it’s only a job!! Think of what is more essential in life: LIVE, LOVE & LAUGH…
    I’m sure u probably missed lots of things so dont miss more:)

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