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A Healthy, Light, and Satisfying Lebanese Dinner!

Posted on: August 20, 2010

Last night after gym, my friend and I were starving so we headed to one of the local superstores and decided to have a light dinner. We had something called “Hawader”…Hawader in arabic derives from the word ready!  Meaning that the food that we prepared is very easy and fast to make.

What we had:

– Labneh with olive oil

– Black sliced olives

– Bread (fat free)

– Zaatar

– Fondel Cheese ( not Lebanese but you can add it)

– Brie Cheese ( not Lebanese but you can add it)

– Halloum Cheese (lebanese)

– Makdous (Eggplant- Walnut- red capsicum- garlic and olive oil)

Everything was ready from the supermarket we just cut some tomatoes and added cucumber.

The dinner was amazing healthy and light!

Having “Hawader” either for breakfast or dinner is a very nice family meal as well! Sahten!! 🙂



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