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Teacher fired for facebook comments: Right or Ridiculous?

Posted on: August 23, 2010

I got this article from www.lilsugar.com it says:

A Massachusetts teacher should have taught herself this lesson: don’t post anything on social networking sites that you want to keep private. June Talvitie-Siple was forced to resign after she made unfavorable comments about students and their parents on her Facebook page.

Talvitie-Siple used the terms “germbags,” “arrogant,” and “snobby,” believing that she was talking with friends, but the comments were public. The educator also wrote that she was less than enthused about the upcoming school year. Would you be upset if your child’s teacher vented his or her frustrations on a social networking site?


7 Responses to "Teacher fired for facebook comments: Right or Ridiculous?"

funny :p

I have something similar check out

IT’s her fault..I think thats very childish complaing and talking that should be something private….:/ fathee7a wallah zain eesawooon feeha! I wudnt like it if my kids teacher talked publically about them or allow a fellow employ to do the same for the place I work out…besides it being be professionally….ethically it isn’t nice!

you’re right sweetD especially that facebook invades your privacy and you’re a teacher you should be cautious about what to say. afterall teachers are role models for the new generations right :)..thanks for sharing your thoughts

hehe thank you..it’s sad wallah we want our children to grow up in an enviroment where they should be safe…if she hates her job she shouldn’t work as a teacher!

قالوها 🙂
لسانك حصانك
إن صنته صانك
و إن خنته خانك 🙂

hehe that’s a good one Athoob 🙂

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