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Laughter Yoga and therapy!!

Posted on: August 27, 2010

I was watching Jessica Simpson’s show “The Price of Beauty” they were on a tour to India one of the most spiritual countries and they tried Laughter Yoga… I never heard of  laughter yoga before. It’s a therapy filled with laughter.

First you have to be with a group of people and then you start saying :

Ho HO HA HA several times then unconsciously you start laughing.

Then you do some breathing exercises

Then you observe silence until you burst into laughter.

It’s amazing! After all laughter is the medicine right??

Laughter makes you feel good. And the good feeling that you get when you laugh remains with you even after the laughter subsides. Humor helps you keep a positive, optimistic outlook through difficult situations, disappointments, and loss.

  • Laughter dissolves distressing emotions. You can’t feel anxious, angry, or sad when you’re laughing.
  • Laughter helps you relax and recharge. It reduces stress and increases energy, enabling you to stay focused and accomplish more.
  • Humor shifts perspective, allowing you to see situations in a more realistic, less threatening light. A humorous perspective creates psychological distance, which can help you avoid feeling overwhelmed.

5 Responses to "Laughter Yoga and therapy!!"

OR .. you can just watch the comedy channel 😛

seriously though, isn’t the concept of Yoga is to release your mind and be in peace and think about absolutely nothing (which I don’t believe someone could do in the first place!)?

the concept of laughter yoga it to strengthen your spirit, and i think its a great idea because laughter helps in releasing stress. yes you can do it if you just try it…and it needs practice ofcourse! why don’t you try it sometime 🙂

That would be impossible for me, I can’t ever stop thinking.

Hahahah! this sounds soo much funn!!!! I’d love to try such thing.

I’m gonna try it with my friends soon 😛

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